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  • High availability of presses
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  • Reliable and robust press technology

2 column press (HS 2)

In regards to press technologies, DUNKES hydraulic assembly presses are configured to meet the various needs of our customers.

The various technologies are configured based on the actual task and the cost budget.

This may involve fabrication processes such as joining, coining, riveting, insertion pressing, extraction pressing, calibration, crimping, or straightening, etc. The various control types, such as NC/CNC controls, servo orientation control for the ram/ejector axis, or simply a straightforward switched hydraulic control for the travel cutoff points are always assigned  accordingly.

Each plant can be upgraded with an on-board memory programmable control of type series S7. Loading and unloading can be accomplished directly in the workpiece pallet or with a sliding table.

Other important aspects of this product segment include quality control by measuring and documenting the force-distance function.

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Standard configuration

  • Two-hand safety controls iaw UVV [German occupational accident prevention regulations]
  • Oil reclaim filter with display
  • Operating hour meter, stroke counter
  • Ram backstroke via pressure-time circuit. The holding force of the ram under pressure can be selected between 0.1 and 9.9 seconds.
  • Continuously adjustable press force (approximately 10 – 100%)


  • Light curtain control with single and dual cycle, as well as safety gate
  • Two-hand control, can be switched to precision joystick control
  • Mechanical Stroke limiter of the press ram, motor adjustment
  • Hydraulic die clamping.
  • Oil reservoir with unit and hydraulic control, staged separately next to the press
  • Ram plate
  • Turn buckle for spigot clamp in the ram plate
  • Oil cooler (air/water)
  • Oil pan installed under the press frame as oil drip pan