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Press release: 5000 kN tryout press

Dunkes supplies 5000 kN tryout press to automobile supplier: Not for the faint of heart

S. DUNKES GmbH machinery factory, located in Kirchheim/Teck, has delivered a tryout press with a maximum press force of 5000 kN and a table surface size of 2500 x 1600 mm to an automobile supplier in southern Germany.
This press is used to test step, transfer, and progressive composite dies, to press initial lots, and to bring components to series maturity.

In order to meet the high accuracy requirements of this press, specifically with respect to the parallelism between the table and ram at off-centre loads, the press is equipped with an extremely high guide ratio with active parallel tracking control for the ram, in combination with an adjustable 8-unit bronze – steel gliding guide.
The specified maximum deflection of the ram is at 0.075 mm/m.

The sensors of the highly dynamic control records the initial deflection that specifically results when initiating tool motion, and, along with the servo valves integrated into the control circuit, regulates the initial deflection in a matter of milliseconds.

The high variability of the closing and press speed facilitate comprehensive tryouts with respect to the downstream use of the tools on mechanical presses. In order to facilitate a precise determination and tuning of the required production parameters, the press is additionally equipped with a precision joytstick control.

The feature-rich press, which includes e.g. 6 hold downs and ejectors in the ram and 6 active individual die cushions in the table, forms the basis for the required multi-functional and broad application spectrum.

A 4-fold cutting force damper eliminates the punching and shearing impact when cutting through the material.

DUNKES presses always feature high operator convenience. This press features the 19“ control and input panel, PC 677 B Touch, as the HMI, in combination with the safety control, S7/300 F.

In combination with the selected HMI software, this configuration facilitates high convenience,  well-structured programming, navigating, storing and transferring of process and tool data.

Advanced energy-saving motors of efficiency class IEZ were selected as drives for the installed high-performance axial piston pumps.

A tool changing system, consisting of a push/pull chain drive, roller lifters in the table, and horizontally traversing load arms is provided as an add-on.

This press is suited to test step, transfer, and progressive composite dies. The DUNKES concept convinced the automobile supplier, so that the press made by DUNKES was now delivered after extensive tooling tests and placed into service.

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