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  • High availability of presses
  • Core competencies press construction
  • Reliable and robust press technology

Bemco – Dunkes cooperation

For more than 5 years, the family operated companies, BEMCO Hydraulics Ltd, INDIA and S. DUNKES GmbH, have been closely cooperating in the product segments for hydraulic presses and the speciality application segment for wheelset and spring insertion presses for railway technology  … more

Both companies not only see themselves as sales channels for the respective products of the partner – the close cooperation also facilitates the active exchange of experience related to design, control technology, and implementation.

Over the course of recent years , this teaming arrangement permitted a number of orders to be processed via Bemco Hydraulics Ltd. for the Indian, Asian, as well as the Arabic markets.

Our European customers also benefit, in that direct service for DUNKES presses is available in India or the Asian markets via Bemco Hydraulics Ltd. Highly qualified, trained staff is held in reserve for this by both parties, and is available on demand.

In recent years, the cooperation was further strengthened through joint exhibits at international trade shows, such as "InnoTrans" in Berlin, and "EuroBlech" in Hanover, etc.

S. DUNKES GmbH and  BEMCO Hydraulics Ltd regards this form of close collaboration as cooperation and licensing partners as the best method of confronting the strong competition in the international press building industry in the coming years.