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We'll straighten things out

Contract straightening up to 10 tonnes of individual weight and a length of 14 m.

Reducing material distortion, processing times, and production costs

Anyone who is challenged by thermal distortion and machining stresses or needs to reduce  has come to the right address with the contract straightening centre operated by DUNKES. The straightening centre remedies axle variances, run-out / straightness / parsing errors with manual, semi and fully automatic straightening.

DUNKES Pressen und Umformtechnik GmbH in Kirchheim/T. east of Stuttgart has been building high-quality presses and plants for mechanical engineering, the automobile industry, and any conceivable segments of forming technology for more than 50 years. S. DUNKES has established an experienced team from the development to final assembly to offer customised machinery and plans for a broad market. Customers can procure a comprehensive and broad-based product line ranging from automated large-scale presses to riveting machines for riveting joints starting at diameters of 4 mm. In all cases, S. DUNKES GmbH represents a long service life, efficiency, and user-friendliness, in combination with high service standards and the availability of spare parts.

Since 2007, DUNKES has been making its decades of press building know-how available to customers in the form of an in-house straightening centre. Workpieces can exhibit distortions as a result of heat treating, machining and sheet metal forming on round, flat and profile materials. DUNKES has recognized this opportunity and provides an appropriate solution with its straightening centre. Semi and fully automatic straightening plants from 15 to 10,000 kN of straightening force are available for this purpose. Components ranging from a few hundred grammes to 10 tonnes of unit weight are straightened in the flexible machinery park with straightening/bending processes. Among others, these are used for shafts, sprockets, pipes, plates, lead screws, and raw materials for small and medium lot sizes. A senior and experienced group of employees ensures consistently high quality and short lead times. The straightening plants themselves are predominantly equipped with energy efficient servo drives.  Moreover, the company has planned additional future investments for straightening flat and profile materials with torsion distortions.


Ranging from small to large

Starting with the pneumatically operated machine type DR2 with 2 kN of straightening force, to the 10,000 kN press (see fig.), DUNKES can straighten any conceivable component geometry. A broad variety of machinery is available with medium straightening forces of 100 kN to 1250 kN. These can support rotationally symmetric as well as cubic components between centre supports as well as rollers.


A true alternative

Customers include a broad spectrum of machinery builders, hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, job shops, hardening operations, raw material manufacturers, as well as automobile suppliers. The strength of the straightening centre specifically include short lead times – DUNKES has the ability to process orders within a few days. But customers have also increasingly recognised that machining allowances can be reduced on hardened components as well. When axle/run-out defects can be straightened in advance or after hardening, this reduces manufacturing costs for downstream machining. Using integrated pneumatic, mechanical, and laser supported measuring systems, DUNKES can straighten components to accuracies within 1/100th of a millimetre, provided the work piece-specific characteristics permit this. Because of the professional customer support, this service has earned a remarkable reputation. Fast responses, but also short processing periods have already helped many customers to improve their lead times and quality. Yet another advantage is that the knowledge obtained from the wide variety of straightening tasks flows directly into the development and manufacturing of DUNKES straightening plants, therefore ensuring that the company can leverage an on-going and continuous improvement process.

Straightening press with precision joystick control, motorised straightening cart, rotating drive, and automatic loading station, 1600 kN
Straightening press with servo position controlled ram axis, motorised rotating and traversing drive, 3150 kN