DUNKES - When only the best will do

  • Press stability
  • High availability of presses
  • Core competencies in press
  • Reliable and robust press technology

HDS double-sided punch press

DUNKES punching and drawing process are designed and supplied as single column, frame or multi-column configurations in accordance with the respective needs of our customers. Frame designs based on finite element modelling is the basis for a torsion resistant steel weldment construction.

Integrating a hydraulic cutting force damper into this cylinder system or on the press bed extends the service life on tools and the frame.

Off-centre forces can be essentially compensated with overextended flat guides, and with a hydraulic parallel support in combination with the cutting force damper elements.

All versions are equipped with various controls and tool clamping systems. Depending on the task, various guide versions such as 8-fold/6-fold flat or column guides are used, in consideration of the tool design and the component geometry. As a matter of course, each flat guide is individually adjustable and can be fine-tuned.

The shown press types and systems will show you a small cross-section from this product segment. Because of the high market requirements on our customers, a significant aspect is that DUNKES is able to offer combined technologies, e.g. punching and drawing in one plant.

Each press is fabricated specifically to your needs. Options such as motion controlled by cushions, press frame open to the rear, active and passive drawing, can be implemented on demand.

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Standard configuration

  • Two-hand safety controls iaw UVV [German occupational accident prevention regulations]
  • Oil reclaim filter with display
  • Operating hour meter, stroke counter
  • Ram backstroke via pressure-time circuit. The holding force of the ram under pressure can be selected between 0.1 and 9.9 seconds.
  • Mechanical stroke limiter of the press ram, motor adjustment (depth stop)
  • Cutting force damper for max. press force - continuously adjustable press force (approximately 10 – 100%)
  • Ram plate guided onto round the columns
  • 8-fold press ram guide


  • Light curtain control with single and dual cycle, as well as safety gate
  • hydraulically controlled ejector/die cushion under the table bed
  • Die cushion guided by flat or round column guides
  • Motor-powered travel of the die cushion to the rear
  • hydraulically controlled ejector in the ram
  • Cutting force damper designed for maximum press force
  • Parallel support for ram
  • Hydraulic die clamping.
  • 8-fold ram guide / ram plate guided by Collins
  • Oil cooler
  • Oil pan installed under the press frame as oil drip pan
  • Assembly platform with railing and access ladder

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