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Press release: Strategic alliance between DUNKES and maptec Landau

Fixture hardening technology:

Fixture hardening plants and straightening plants for large-scale components, such as sprockets, hollow wheels, roller bearing rings for wind turbines, large scale gearbox components

DUNKES, a manufacturer of hydraulic presses and forming plants with more than 50 years of experience building hydraulic presses with press forces ranging between 100 –50,000 kN and maptec Landau, as a specialist for fixture hardening machines and fully automated plants, are consolidating their existing know-how in the fixture hardening technology segment.

This networked product development arrangement facilitates the targeted market placement for complex products.

The respective customers and industries can draw on the existing knowledge and experience base from supplied plants, specifically also including forming technology, press hardening technology and straightening technology for round and flat materials, as well as profiles.

Starting with the engineering, the assembly and commissioning of turnkey plants, including automation, and worldwide service by trained specialists are all available from a single source.

Whether this involves hydraulic, electrical, mechanical, or servo-controlled drives – the incorporated technologies are always adapted to the specific requirements profile, energy efficient configuration, end-to-end control concept, as well as hydraulic and electrical considerations.

We prefer using fixed mandrel solutions for fixture hardening applications to increase component quality. Our machine designs now also make this technology available for large component diameters.

Plants with automatic loading and unloading systems are used specifically on large-scale components up to a diameter of e.g. 3000 mm. Various end-to-end concepts are available as custom solutions, depending on the size and weight of the component and the required cycle time.

Since December 2009, a large scale facility is available in the service centre operated by DUNKES under the heading "Straightening of components" for components up to a diameter of 500 mm, a component length of 8 m, and a component weight of approximately 10 tonnes.

The individual requirements of specific customer segments can be addressed with far more than 5000 supplied plants into various industrial sectors.