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Consolidated expertise at EuroBlech

Dunkes compels with leading-edge technology at the world trade-show for sheet metal processing

As the only press builder, S. Dunkes machinery builders exhibited an operational transfer press line at the EuroBlech tradeshow in Hanover. The line formed the upper and lower component of a complex sheet-metal housing in an automatic process. The plant, including the control, were developed by Dunkes , and automated with a sourced gripper-transfer and blank-stacking facility.


The centrepiece of the plant are two hydraulic presses that form the housings from sheet metal blanks and cut the finished contour with forces of 800 and 2,500 kN. The special forming concept with two separately actuated ram axes of the first fabrication step provide significant benefits in addition to the automatic housing fabrication: Cost reductions for the forming dies, and quality improvements for the drawing results. The transfer line produces 10 housings per minute on average, including the transport of the blanks from the stack and the various forming and cutting stations until the finished parts are deposited.


The extensive know-how and the flexibility of this specialist for forming, punching, and joining technology from Kircheim/Teck are not only demonstrated in the overall conceptual design, but also in the short delivery time of the plant. After order award, it was built in only five months, and installed at the tradeshow exhibit.


The joint exhibit in Hall 27 also included GSW Schwabe AG from Kempen, a cooperation partner of Dunkes. As a result, visitors were able to collect comprehensive information at a single exhibit about innovations and technology advances for forming, punching, joining technology, and hydro-forming, including the associated automation facilities, while also familiarising themselves with the benefits of the consolidated expertise provided by two mid-sized companies who address large portions of sheet metal processing operations.


The 19th EuroBlech, lead-tradeshow for sheet metal processing, took place from 24 - 28 OCT 2006 in Hanover. More than 64,000 visitors gathered information at the exhibits of 1409 exhibitors from 40 countries about innovations and developments related to sheet metal materials.



The image shows the fully automated transfer press line in operation at the 230 m² trade fair booth in Hanover