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Gantry straightening press

DUNKES supplies1600 kN travelling gantry straightening press to well-known steel supplier – DUNKES straightens things out

S. Dunkes GmbH machinery factory, located in Kirchheim/Teck, has recently delivered a hydraulic, travelling gantry straightening press with a straightening force of 1600 kN and a table surface size of 1700 x 3000 mm to a well-known steel supplier in southern Germany.


The gantry straightening press is used to straighten area measured (e.g. torch cut) steel plates, which are distorted after processing, for subsequent shipment . In order to ensure high throughput of the gantry straightening press, the user has the option to deposit the torch cut components directly on the straightening table by means of an indoor crane. For this purpose, the straightening gantry can travel outside of the table bed.

The straightening stroke of the straightening die is 300 mm. The straightening ram within the motorised straightening gantry has a horizontal travel of 700 mm to the left and 700 mm to the right, respectively measured from the gantry centre. The gantry travel relative to the table is approximately 3000 mm. This takes into account the parking position of the gantry when loading the straightening bed. With respect to the straightening ram speed, the user has access to rapid travel by means of joystick and acknowledgement switch, but also to a reduced straightening speed ≤ 10 mm using only joystick operation.


The press has the following additional features:

  • High precision joystick control iaw accident prevention regulations, with hand-held, wireless operator panel (radio controlled).
  • The ram travel is displayed on a large display of the gantry front section.
  • Using a separate button,the displayed value can be set to zero - relative to the ram location -, e.g. when touching off the straightening ram on the material to be straightened. The operator can use this as a reference point to speed up the straightening process.
  • Continuously adjustable pressing force, selectable between 10 – 100%, additionally displayed on a large manometer at the straightening gantry.
  • The straightening gantry can travel under motor power on travel rails in lengthwise direction relative to the straightening bed. The surface of the straightening bed is reachable by combining the travelling gantry and the travelling straightening die in the gantry.
  • Using the portable, wireless operator panel facilitates triggering various high precision processes with the joystick:
    • straightening ram up/ down
    • gantry travel lengthwise to the straightening table
    • move straightening cylinder in the straightening gantry, left / right
  • Additional lifting cylinders enable the operator to lift the torch cut parts high enough, so that the straightening supports on the straightening bed can be relocated underneath the material to be straightened. Support rails are used to simplify part placement, or for smaller parts.
  • A straight edge is used to determine the warpage in a practical manner. Using the light gap as a reference, the operator can quickly determine the high and low points, and move the straightening die into the corresponding position.


In addition to this 1600 kN gantry straightening press, gantry straightening presses with a straightening force of up to 10,000 kN have been supplied to well-known customers.

For more than 50 years, S. DUNKES GmbH has been developing, designing and building user-oriented solutions for forming and joining technology (TÜV certified to DIN EN ISO 9001) .

Hydraulic Gantry Straightening Press - HRP-HF 160