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Hydraulic single column press type series 

For extreme requirements with respect to cushioning, guide accuracy, and flexibility

DUNKES has decades of experience in the development and fabrication of hydraulic single column presses with press forces ranging from 25 kN to 10,000 kN.

With more than 3500 supplied presses and plants, Dunkes can draw on extensive know-how.

The type series of hydraulic single column high-speed punch presses is only a portion of the extensive overall product line supplied by Dunkes. 

The major portion of this product segment ranges between 1000 kN to 6300 kN, where each plant is specifically configured to the customers needs.

The high version count at DUNKES, which is based on solutions for a wide range of assignments from a broad customer spectrum, has had an advantageous impact.

As a result, the company can draw on a considerable knowledge-base when solving customer problems, and also rely on a broad spectrum of already implemented plants.

A noteworthy feature is the rugged design of this type series.

Flexural values of approximately 0.4 - 0.5 µm/kN (measured centrically to the ram access)

Presses are always individually  equipped to meet customer demands, whether this involves punching, deep drawing, bending, forming, or cleaning. In doing so, standard presses can be specially adapted to  customer needs with various optional upgrades.


Cutting force damper in the side column

To implement reproducible positioning accuracy of the ram axis, presses are equipped with a continuously adjustable mechanical fixed stop (depth stop) that can be integrated into the ram axis.

Alternatively, elevated demands on application flexibility of the machine can be addressed by employing a servo control for the ram axis. This approach obtains  an equally high reproducibility of the positioning accuracy.

This also applies when the machine is equipped with a hydraulic die cushion/ejector mounted underneath the table bed.

Single column punch press of type HZS 160 with 6-fold ram guide, press force 1600 kN
Cutting force damper in the side column; in order to optimise punching processes, the standard press in this type series is equipped with a hydraulic cutting force damper configured for the maximum press force.
Based on customer need, the die cushion and/or the ejector can also be configured such that they can be moved backwards into the column cavity by motor.
High cut quality during punching operations are ensured by equipping the press ram with a special guide for the entire stroke length (e.g. 6-fold flat or column guide). The press ram can be optionally equipped with a controllable ejector. Optimal handling and minimal tool changeover time requirements are attained by equipping the ram and the table bed with a hydraulic tool clamping system.