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Hydraulic automatic straightening press (HRA)

DUNKES has a custom solution for the entire range of straightening technologies from round, flat, to profile materials.

Regardless of whether this involves straightening of simple round parts, or complex profiles that also need to be torsion straightened. Standard straightening presses are supplied as joystick-controlled, semi-or fully automatic plants. DUNKES straightening technology can significantly improve on the elevated quality requirements with respect to run-out accuracy, straightness, and portion.

The plans are configured in accordance with ergonomic considerations, therefore representing improved work methods and forward-looking solutions. A servo control for the ram axis is used for larger straightening forces, in combination with a joystick control due to the improved handling and ergonomics. Precise positioning accuracy is obtained due to the servo orientation control.

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  • Designed to straighten shafts/axles (or similar parts) with centre support or roller support.The machine is variable and can be retrieved from the technical specification of standard "HR" DUNKES straightening presses.The centre support to clamp parts is performed pneumatically or hydraulically depending on the workpiece weight.The control for the automatic straightening press is user programmable.The configuration of the semi-automatic straightening press on the basis of the standard "HR" type series provides a mature product on the basis of many years of DUNKES know how, including high malfunction reliability and user-friendly maintenance.Loading and unloading can be performed manually or automatically.The price for a custom-designed semi-automatic straightening presses is quoted on request.


  • The width of the press table is configured such that the longest component can travel from left to right
  • The clearance of the centre support is continuously adjustable (maximum clearance is configured to customer specification) and can travel the part length on a carriage
  • 2 straightening supports, for which the axis clearance can be manually adjusted, are mounted to the carriage
  • The part centred for straightening is automatically planned with the right hand centre support
  • The left-centre support is equipped with an electrical rotating drive. Height adjustable prisms are arranged under the left and right centre supports to insert and retrieve parts.
  • The centre supports are spring-loaded so that the part can rest on the straightening supports during the straightening operation and has a defined location during the measurement operation.
  •  An electronic distance measurement facility is mounted centrally under the straightening die on the cart
  • A mechanical dial gauge is installed in addition to visual monitoring
  • The part can travel to several measurement locations either automatically or manually (other straightening supports and sensors required)
  • The operator panel of the control with keyboard is arranged on the left side of column
  • The entire workspace fully enclosed, including an electrically monitored sliding door
  • Oil reclaim filter with display
  • Operating hour meter
  • Continuously adjustable press force (approximately 10 – 100%)
  • The drive is configured as an output controlled axial piston pump