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Hydraulic horizontal straightening press (WP-HF-STS)

DUNKES has a custom solution for the entire range of straightening technologies from round, flat, to profile materials.

Regardless of whether this involves straightening of simple round parts, or complex profiles that also need to be torsion straightened. Standard straightening presses are supplied as joystick-controlled, semi-or fully automatic plants. DUNKES straightening technology can significantly improve on the elevated quality requirements with respect to run-out accuracy, straightness, and portion.

The plans are configured in accordance with ergonomic considerations, therefore representing improved work methods and forward-looking solutions. A servo control for the ram axis is used for larger straightening forces, in combination with a joystick control due to the improved handling and ergonomics. Precise positioning accuracies are attained due to the servo orientation control.

Please select

  • Hydraulic piston with proportional control
  • Distance measuring system for piston travel sensing, continuous pre-programming of the ram travel in the bottom, front, and rear position
  • Entry and reading option via digital display
  • Measurement facility on an opposing side
  • Precision joystick control
  • Motorised support rollers

Configuration details

  • This plant is equipped with a portable, shoulder strap supported panel with precision joystick control. The press is  equipped with height adjustable rollers to support the workpieces for straightening. Furthermore, the straightening supports can be adjusted manually in the axis length. On the described straightening press, the piston moves in proportion to the joystick input.