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  • Press stability
  • High availability of presses
  • Core competencies in press
  • Reliable and robust press technology


For years, DUNKES has been supplying hydro-forming plants in 3 or 4: configurations to the various manufacturers of complex shaped hollow bodies. Starting with the prototyping and concluding with the implementation of serial production, the company can offer the required press and high-performing technology, including the required number of add-on axis. Because of our in-house prototyping hydro-forming plant, we can support your decision-making process with capabilities ranging from process simulation, to feasibility studies, methods planning, and any required production process optimisation. By means of the DUNKES PC 5000 hydro-forming process control, you will benefit from the performance capabilities and the available data collection and analysis.

A special software developed for hydro-forming guarantees an ideal basis for creating extensive process programmes. Instead of a compact control with significantly limited application capabilities, which must be individually adjusted for each customer, a modular system is available that can be optimally adjusted to the specific requirement by changing individual components. This approach provides a high degree of modularity and reusability, and therefore  a high standard of quality. The process data analysis in the signal processor system is performed by a real-time operating system  developed specifically for this purpose. This ensures pseudo-parallel processing of various control sequences and SPS functions, without having to forego the benefits of a high-level programming language. Modularisation and object-oriented programming are therefore included in the standard configuration of the available programming aids.

A modern in-circuit debugging system rounds out the functional capabilities and guarantees fast and reliable development of previously difficult to manage software systems.

The installed industrial PC in combination with Windows TM – an operating system with a worldwide installed base in the millions – fulfills a host of requirements, such as network connectivity, high resolution graphics displays, mass storage, and connectivity for standard peripheral devices such as printers and tape storage.

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