DUNKES - When only the best will do

  • Field tested and innovative
  • Energy-efficient drives
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Plants and systems

The modular construction approach of the DUNKES product line facilitates fully automatic process sequences, stand-alone production, or cellular production.


Your input data, such as tool changes, units/min., material flow, automatic loading and unloading, programming effort for workpiece and tool specific data, etc. are important aspects for evaluating the respective production solution.


Automation is involved when unmanned loading or unloading of workpieces from a press is required, or individual presses need to be linked with each other.


The following options are available for automatically loading an individual press:
• Material feed with coil feeder
• Blank loader with transport shuttle
• Blank separation and blank feeder
• Blank separation and industrial robot handling

The following options are available for automatic retrieval from an individual press:
• Material chute (unsorted placement)
• Workpiece retrieval with a feeder system with stacker facility (positioned placement)
• Workpiece retrieval with retrieval robot (positioned placement)

The following options are available for automation within presses and to link individual presses:
• Transfer devices with one motion controlled rail
• Transfer devices with two motion controlled rails
• Shuttle systems
• Feeder systems
• Industrial robot systems