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Multifunction press

A machine for classic forming processes, IHU technology and press hardening 

S. Dunkes, located in Kirchheim/Teck, not only enjoys an outstanding reputation as an innovative press manufacturer and competent forming specialist, but is also able to convince an increasing number of users worldwide with its project and task specific engineering for the conceptual design and delivery of complex press plants. This performance capability is yet again demonstrated with a multifunction press for punching, deep drawing, high-performing, press hardening, and tryout work. The press, which tips the scale at approximately 200 tonnes, has a press force of 30,000 kN, and is ideally suited for these various manufacturing processes. The table and ram dimensions of 2200 x 1500 mm, the stroke length of 800 mm, and the installation height of 1800 mm, provide sufficient options for installing the various dies, and using these in accordance with their process typical characteristics. A tool change facility with a load capacity of 20 tonnes simplifies die changes.


Proven standard components

the basis for the high processing accuracy is the gliding press ram, which glides on eight flat ways. The closing force is applied by two plunger pistons and two differential cylinders. Strain gauges continuously record the slant of the ram when eccentric forces are applied, and  show the values on the display. When a specified threshold value is reached, the press stops automatically. The control concept has proven to be particularly user-friendly. All data and parameters that determine functions, such as press force, feeds, speeds, transfer times, and many others can be specified, retrieved to assess the actual situation, and subsequently analysed  to assess the performance.


Process-dependent add-on facilities

In addition to the  "classic" equipment for punching, as well as tryout work at ram speeds appropriate for a mechanical press, the multifunction press is also equipped with a variety of add-on facilities that can be activated depending on the work process. When performing deep drawing work with die cushions, up to 20 individually controllable centre sleeves can transfer the forces to the specific location on the blank. Three controllable hydraulic cylinders are used as closing cylinders for IHU forming. A pressure distributor at 3000 bar facilitates the forming of the components. The ram travels at speeds of up to 200 m/s for press hardening operations, a process preferred by the automobile industry for weight reduction reasons. The heated up sheet metal components are formed with a press force of 8 000 kN and subsequently partially cooled in dies specifically designed for this purpose.


All processing sequences in the multifunction press are triggered and controlled by a dynamic hydraulic system with servo valve technology, in combination with a highly advanced PC control. The press drive is actuated with performance controlled axial piston pumps that are arranged outside of the oil bath. The remote service facility facilitates prompt fault analysis, therefore ensuring the best possible machine availability.

The configuration of the multifunction press is similar to the shown double column press