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  • Reliable and robust press technology

DZ / DG Pneumatic table press

DUNKES has an extensive base product line of pneumatic presses for various tasks.

The only differences are whether the ram is initiated via a two-hand, joystick, or foot control. The advantage of a DUNKES joystick control is that the ram travels completely proportional to the joystick. Add-ons, such as an adjustable table, a mechanical depth stop for reproducible switching accuracies; on straightening presses, the straightening accessories are configured die-specific and in accordance with ergonomic principles. These add-ons are important integrating elements for the various tasks.

The pneumatic press series with constant, directly acting force application, is an economic addition to hydraulic presses in the lower force segment.

Please select
Standard configuration - type DZ

  • Two-hand safety control
  • Continuously adjustable force preselection with display

Standard configuration - type DG

  • Without control
  • Only with manometer


  • Custom column
  • Depth stop with micrometer screw
  • Table sub-frame
  • Column sub-frame
  • Stroke counter
  • Controlled manometer - large
  • Maintenance unit

Control upgrades

  • Ram return stroke after pressure buildup
  • Time controlled ram return stroke
  • Ram speed control - down
  • Foot switch
  • Setup tilt operation
  • Light curtain control
  • Pneumatic/electric remote impulse

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