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DUNKES punching and drawing processes are designed and supplied in accordance with the respective needs of our customers.



Cutting force damper for punching operations

Hydraulic cutting force dampers are used to reduce the cutting impact when punching through sheet metal. These cutting force dampers extend the life of the tool and the press frame. 


The figure shows the working principle of cutting force dampers:



Depending on the requirement and press type, cutting force dampers are integrated into presses using different approaches.

There are three different installation types:


Cutting force damper with depth stop directly integrated into the ram cylinder. This version is primarily used on C-frame presses and with small table dimensions. 


  • Complete protection from dirt, foreign particles, etc.
  • Freely accessible table surface, no impeding contours
  • Centred force and damping transfer relative to the ram


Cutting force damper with depth stop installed in the side frames above the stand opening.  



  • Complete protection from dirt, foreign particles, etc.
  • Freely accessible table surface, no interfering contours
  • the table surface size as configured is shown in the technical specifications, resulting in increased stability
  • installing the damper in the side stand increases the clearance to the ram centre
  • the cutting force damper needs to absorb less force in the case of off-centre loads (due to the mechanical advantage)



  • Extremely effective, accurate cutting force damping since the depth stop and cutting force damper act directly between the table and ram plate.
  • Very good damping characteristics in one plane when using 4 cutting force dampers
  • Cutting force dampers can be inserted before bottom centre to maintain parallel position of the ram



As a matter of course, the DUNKES cutting force damper is configured for the maximum press force – no reduction of the rated force

The mechanical depth stop is used as the end position limiter when the damper is off; e.g. for coining work.