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  • Press stability
  • High availability of presses
  • Core competencies in press
  • Reliable and robust press technology

Wheelset presses

DUNKES supplies the required wheel press-on and pull-off presses in various press force sizes, specifically for rail operators.
PC or NC controls are used for quality assurance.
The actual force-distance function is measured, recorded, and documented during the press-on operation. All continuous adjustable motion control is performed hydraulically or by motor. The tool change components are configured in accordance with the workpiece-specific requirements. As a matter of course, convenient handling and optimal loading and unloading capabilities are taken into account. This reduces changeover times to a minimum. This press series is delivered in 1 or 2 cylinder configurations. The self locking feature of the lead screw clamps the centre and counter support in any position, therefore rendering it continuously adjustable.
Upgrades such as automatic controls for the press-on operation, e.g. axle measurement with centre positioning, clearance measurements of the running wheel to the axle, gauge measurement of the two running wheels, including the crane system for loading and unloading the wheelset, tool storage with lifting aids to support short tool changeover times, as well as the entire engineering of such a plant represent a well-conceived and economic production concept for this technology.

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