DUNKES – high-tech from the factory

  • energy-efficient drives
  • innovative control concepts
  • best possible productivity


Press lines, such as those used in the automobile industry or its supplier industry are configured for the best possible cost efficiency. This means that any production downtime, including primarily during new model year startups must be avoided.


During product switch-overs, it is extremely important that new tools immediately attain the required quality and the intended performance.


For this purpose, new tools are optimally prepared by the die shop on so-called tryout presses in advance of the series startup.

Dunkes supplies customised tryout presses for your specific requirements.

Tryout presses are configured so that quasi-production conditions can be attained and simulated.


These include:

  • Flexibility with respect to tool configuration ( dimensions, press forces, strokes, die cushion function, ejectors)
  • Variable press force control between 10% to 100%. This permits the press force to be optimally adjusted to the various tools and processes.
  • Ram And die cushion speed control; this also permits optimised simulation of the motion sequences on mechanical presses.
  • High accuracies with respect to parallelism between the press table and ram, including off-centre loads, by using premium 8-fold guides and an active parallel control. The parallelism variance in this case is at < 0.075 mm/m. The integrated sensors of the highly dynamic control records the initial deflection that specifically results when initiating tool motion, and along with the servo valves integrated into the control circuit, regulates the initial deflection in a matter of milliseconds. When the maximum allowable parallelism variance is exceeded, the press is stopped immediately.
  • The presses are equipped with a precision joystick control. This facilitates manually performed precision motion sequences to determine and coordinate the required production parameters. The precision joystick control also provides highly sensitive contacting of the tool halves for touch-off operations.
  • Hold downs or ejectors in the ram and active single die cushions form the basis for a multi-functional, broad application spectrum.
  • Integrated DUNKES cutting force dampers eliminate the punching and shearing impact when punching through the material.
  • Continuously adjustable ram lock for the entire stroke length. This permits setting the ideal ergonomic working height, e.g. for tool handling. The system lock is strictly mechanical, and is monitored electrically. The lock status is displayed on the operator's display, and additionally by means of a warning light on the press stand.
  • Press control with high operator convenience. In combination with the installed software, selected Siemens system components facilitate high convenience,  and user-friendly programming, navigating, storing and transferring of process and tool data.

DUNKES frame deep drawing press of type HDZ 500 with 6 active, independent die cushions and 6 independent ejectors.