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Tryout press (HTP / HS4-W / HD-W)

DUNKES tryout presses provide the user of this technology with forward looking solutions.

Optimal ram travel is achieved with overextended guides, either as round or 8-fold flat guide. Depending on the requirement, proportional valve technology or a servo control is used, in consideration of the required reproducible ram cutoff accuracies. Characteristic values for deflection, table deflection, die cushion force distribution, and ran force function provide a significant reduction of the tuning phase during production start.

A CNC/NC control or a classic travel control are used as control versions.

2 cylinder presses are used for tryout presses for progressive composite dies with off-centre forces.

All upgrades from the entire press product line, such as hydraulic die cushions, mechanical depth stops with cutting force damper, parallel support, hydraulic die clamp, motion controlled table bed, precision joystick, etc. are also available for these product line segments as the task may require.

Please select

  • 4-column presses (HTP)
  • 4-column presses (HS4-W)
  • hydraulic double column presses (HD-W)
  • Press force 630-25,000 kN

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