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Well-conceived strength

Dunkes demonstrates well-conceived strength

No challenge is too daunting for the Kircheim-based machinery builder, Dunkes: Recently, the company delivered its "Jumbo" to a well-known automobile supplier, a high-performing plant, approximately 7 m in height, with a weight of approximately 80 tonnes, and a press force of 15,000 kN – directly through the roof!


Power needs space, which cannot always be transported through the building gate, turning the delivery of the press into an impressive spectacle. The colossus with WxDxH of 4x3x7 m and a weight of 80 tonnes was lifted through the roof of the assembly building on the ropes of a mobile crane, and was then positioned onto a low-boy with centimetre accuracy with the help of a second train.


At its designated location, the plant is used among other operations to expand tube-shaped components. Two primary cylinders close the die, and a high-pressure unit creates the high-performing pressure between 2000 to 4000 bar. As is the case with all Dunkes presses, the modular design and the various add-on facilities simplify the adjustment to the customer's  task for this plant as well. An important prerequisite for this is provided by the PC control. It permits the control of force, travel, and speed in all axis, either tracking parallel or leading or lagging.


Using this hydro=forming plant from Dunkes, the automobile supplier was able to reduce the previously typical cycle times for certain components from 30 to 15 seconds. But Dunkes not only raise the bar with respect to technology, but also with the delivery time: The complex plant was delivered to the customer only 9 months after order award.

80 tonnes by getting prepared for the "trip" through the roof.
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