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Working examples

DUNKES delivers1600 kN travelling gantry straightening press to well-known steel supplier

DUNKES straightens things out. S. DUNKES GmbH machinery factory, located in Kirchheim/Teck, has recently delivered a hydraulic, travelling gantry straightening press with a straightening force of 1600 kN and a table surface size of 1700 x 3000 mm to a well-known steel supplier in southern Germany... more

Dunkes supplies 5000 kN tryout press to automobile supplier: Not for the faint of heart

S. DUNKES GmbH machinery factory, located in Kirchheim/Teck, has delivered a tryout press with a maximum press force of 5000 kN and a table surface size of 2500 x 1600 mm to an automobile supplier in southern Germany.

This press is used to test step, transfer, and progressive composite dies, to press initial lots, and to bring components to series maturity. …more

Example video - EuroBlech 2006

About the plant to produce housing components, exhibited at the tradeshow booth during EuroBlech 2006 in Hanover

Replay on YouTube

Hydraulic press for solids forming
Just recently, DUNKES was again able to deliver a tie-rod press for solids forming with a total press force of 22.000 kN to a significant supplier for the automobile industry. …

Straightening, highly accurate and economical
Straightening workpieces of different lengths and cross-sections with press forces up to 15,000 kN. Machining and forming processes, as well as heat treating on round, flat and profile materials can cause workpieces to warp. In order to avoid expensive post-processing, the axis variances therefore need to be compensated by straightening. … more

Press series for hydro-forming
IHU hydraulic 4-column press forms heat exchanger
Since its formation in 1960, S. Dunkes (Kirchheim/Teck) has been building hydraulic presses, and is one of the few mid-sized companies that 
is also intensively involved with hydro-forming technology.
… more

Tryout press with conveyor belt feeder
Bundled expertise facilitates die testing under production conditions
S. Dunkes (Kirchheim/Teck), known as a manufacturer of hydraulic presses for punching, deep drawing, die testing, hydro-forming, and straightening, not only supplies task oriented presses, but also the plants and facilities needed for customised automation. … more

Multifunction press
A machine for classic forming processes, IHU technology and press hardening
S. Dunkes, located in Kirchheim/Teck, not only enjoys an outstanding reputation as an innovative press manufacturer and competent forming specialist, but is also able to convince an increasing number of users worldwide with its project and task specific engineering for the conceptual design and delivery of complex press plants. This performance capability is yet again demonstrated with a multifunction press for punching, deep drawing, high-performing, press hardening, and tryout work. … more

Riveting technology as standard or custom solutions
Two riveting processes, as well as various automation levels for flexible production
Joining technology is an essential fabrication ingredient to securely join two components, or to ensure their mobility. This could involve hinges or joints for the automobile or furniture industry, producst for medical devices, household devices and the electrical engineering industry – they all need these technologies to produce and products with the highest possible precision. … more

Calibrating hot formed workpieces
Calibration press automatically brings vehicle components into the final contour … more

Programmable riveting
Radial riveting machine with coordinate table permits up to 15 rivets on one workpiece … more

Dunkes demonstrates well-conceived strength … more

Press family with special capabilities
Pneumatic press with task oriented add-on facility solves pressing problem … more

Assembly lines for gearbox shafts

Press plant to automatically press sprockets onto gearbox shafts
… more

Hydraulic high-speed press

Stepwise upgrade to an automated punching plant … more

Drawing press with individually controlled centre sleeves 

… more

Deep drawing of monitor cavities -
As part of an international collaboration, a mid-sized machinery builder designs a production line for PC monitor cavities – from the blank to the washing plant … more

On-demand riveting process
To riveting processes in one machine, supplemented by task oriented automation components, facilitate plant configurations ranging from manual feed to an automated riveting cell … more

Hydraulic powder press
Custom-configured hydraulic press forms disc brakes from ceramic composites … more

Example video – Hydro-forming    

Replay on YouTube

Module assembly for cooling systems -
Semi-automatic assembly plant with two hydraulic presses and one riveting machine improves flexibility for one-man operation
… more

Fabrication line for drawn and punched components
Hydraulic drawing and punch press forms pressure vessel from coils  … more

Hydraulic single column press type series
- for extreme requirements with respect to cushioning, guide accuracy, and flexibility … more

Hydraulic wheelset press
Wheel pressing and pulling press simplifies and speeds up the repair or assembly of rail-based vehicles. … more

Riveting plant for universal shaft clevices
Wobble riveting plant connects joint head, joint disk, and connecting shaft in automatic operation and documents the attained quality. … more

DUNKES - assembly presses

Insertion pressing and joining operations, additionally monitored with advanced camera technology.… more

Hydro-forming of gas torches
Automatic  hydro-forming plant joins the fins on
torch cooling injectors and replaces time-consuming brazed joint. … more