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Press releases

We'll straighten things out

Reducing material distortion, processing times, and production costs

Anyone who is challenged by thermal distortion and machining stresses or needs to reduce  has come to the right address with the contract straightening centre operated by DUNKES. The straightening centre remedies axle variances, run-out / straightness / parsing errors with manual, semi and fully automatic straightening. … more

Strategic alliance

Fixture hardening technology:
Fixture hardening plants and straightening plants for large-scale components, such as sprockets, hollow wheels, roller bearing rings for wind turbines, large scale gearbox components
 … more

Bemco – Dunkes cooperation

For more than 5 years, the family operated companies, BEMCO Hydraulics Ltd, INDIA and S. DUNKES GmbH, have been closely cooperating in the product segments for hydraulic presses and the speciality application segment for wheelset and spring insertion presses for railway technology  … more

Consolidated expertise at EuroBlech
Dunkes compels with leading-edge technology at the world trade-show for sheet metal processing  … more